Pets: {Bammy and Pip}

Bammy and Pip are the two youngest members of the family. At first, Bammy was wary of Pepito when the puppy came to our house, but after a week, they sniffed each other for the first time. A few months later, the two are best friends. Pepito shares his lunch with Bammy, both of them digging into Pepito's small pink plastic doggie bowl until they lick it clean, and Bammy brings the colorful door rug over to where Pepito is tied so they can chew on both ends until they get bored and fall asleep. I cannot imagine how we went about our days without our daily dose of cuteness before these two furry fellows came along. 

and when I thought that this dog could not get any cuter...
been tempted to taste these treats not once, but many times!
Bammy and his rug
Pip's and Bam's squeaky toys

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