Family {Johann's Big Day}

A rose can say "I love you",
orchids can enthrall,
but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
yes, that says it all.
~Author Unknown

 Tuesday morning found me making my way to my friend Serlyn's house for a quick pre-birthday shoot with Johann, her not-so-tiny toddler who is turning 2 the next  day. Johann looked sleepy and grumpy when I arrived, but surprisingly was not fussy. I fiddled with their computer while waiting for Johann to finish his breakfast, a piece of bread that he would chew thoughtfully as he stared at me, like he was wondering about what I was doing there at 8 in the morning. 
wish I had this when I was a kid
After breakfast he went over to me and rummaged through his chest of toys. He had a couple of small stuffed toys that he laid out on the floor. A budding organizer, this one! He also kept saying "Bye" to me, which is probably his way of telling me to go, although I surely wasn't going anywhere with this cutie in front of me!

How cute are these? Johann wanted to put all his bears on the windowsill once he saw what I did with these three.
I'm developing a new love for kiddie toys...for a minute there I wanted to pocket this toy train home and not say a word to Mommy Serlyn ;P
Johann wondering where his train went!
Aw, that smile melted my heart!
Johann pretending to read. For an almost-2-year-old, he is pretty smart and he already knows a lot of words!
(proud Auntie moment :D )
mom and baby enjoying a morning smooch
Johann felt sleepy as we were wrapping up, but I didn't notice that until I saw him creeping next to his toys and laying his head down on the quilt. Apparently, this little guy can sleep anywhere since he doesn't sleep with pillows. 
There's that smile again!
 I cannot imagine myself having a baby (not yet anyway!), but looking at Johann and spending the morning with him made me realize that not all babies are fussy! They're actually fun, and it's so cute to see them curl up into little balls and sleep when the urge suddenly hits them. I just found that so adorable. And hey, I just realized that he's 2 today, so Happy Birthday little guy!

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