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Recently, I've been thinking a lot about friends and family members who've come and gone.Blame it on the weather, but I've been on a contemplative mood lately. The recent passing of a friend also made me think about how short and fragile life is, and how sudden it can be snuffed out. It may sound like we already know it and it's been said a thousand times, but it is true and it doesn't always have the effect that it should, but (*looooong sigh*)...

life is short :(

The thought of people I've known and loved who have passed on before their time always brings a blanket of sadness, but I would like to think that there's always somewhere better than here. But still, here is a beautiful place, too. Tonight, I'll say a prayer for all the people who I've met and formed a part of my life in one way or another, but who moved on ahead of me. I hope they found beauty and light and love during their stay here, and perhaps more wherever they are now.

And as the song goes, I can't believe we get just one.

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