On the Road to Siaton: Our Lady of Fatima

Sunday afternoon found me on an impromptu drive to Siaton with the brother. We took off at about 2 PM and planned on taking photos along the way. The weather was perfect, not too hot but it didn't rain, either. It was the kind of cool that you would pair with a long, roadtrip. This one was fairly short, but it was fun, and there were so many things that I missed about the road to Siaton so I had fun looking over the window and just enjoying what was passing by. We decided to stop by the Shrine for the Lady of Fatima which was just a few kilometers away from the town itself. I'm not a Catholic, but that did not stop me from going up there and buying a few candles and lighting them up. The differences between my religion and Catholicism has always intrigued me, and this was one way to see how they worship and pray. Of course, we were respectful, although the people who were praying at the shrine did not mind us as we discretely took photos of the candles and the view (the view from the top is amazing!)
bought 4 of these colorful candles!
a long walk to the top but it is worth it ;)
I love these ornate signs 
I did not expect to see so much color during this trip. Definitely a reminder that saying YES to unplanned things can result to pleasant surprises.

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  1. great view and interesting things you captured selle!

  2. Thanks Kat!I was surprised myself. Naa pod diay interesting things to see didto :)


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