Travel {Teahouse 23}

     I don't need a big house,... Just a cozy one. A fireplace in the living room, those two little square windows on either side.
Brooke Lea Foster
Summer Darlings 

I stopped by this cafe two years ago after doing a Portraits for Paws shoot and was completely taken in by the warm inviting decor and the handmade ceramics that they were selling. The coffee was rich but expensive but I think worth it for those who preferred somewhere quiet and cozy where they can kill a few hours. 

A few weeks ago I discovered that Teahouse 23 closed. I checked their Wechat page and indeed they had a closing out sale way back in August. I'm hoping all those handmade ceramic plates, tea cups and bowls are now in good hands. 

 A few photos from that quick coffee stop, just a few months after China emerged from the first ever  COVID lockdown.

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