Personal {So This Was Christmas}

“Somewhere beyond the Christmas hustle and bustle, there lies a child in a manger; somewhere beyond the noise, there is a Silent Night.”
― Jason Soroski

We kept Christmas minimal this year, just a few gifts to give to friends and a short-lived resolution not to get a tree (the Ikea tree was on sale, can be put up in 5 minutes, and is one that we will use many, many Christmases from now. 

Keeping things simple makes it easier to appreciate the moments and the fact that the Spirit is still alive even if we don't see it in carolers, lights on trees and all the Christmas things that defined our childhoods. Instead, it was defined by gatherings, blessings disguised as medical emergencies, and opening our home to old and new friends to celebrate His birth. 

So that was Christmas and it was beautiful. 

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