Featured {Mont Mirage,Nanshan Mt.}

“The world is quiet here.”
― Lemony Snicket

Networking has never been my greatest strength but when I find kindred spirits in the few times I force myself to get out there, I'm lucky enough to make a few great connections, people who are passionate and willing to share what it is they do. 

A friend of mine has a coffee subscription business and when she learned that I often sought cafes to photograph, she offered to collaborate. It was a great deal, since she's a natural people person and loves to hobnob with virtually anybody, something which is essential if you're running a business. 

After doing a couple of cafe interviews which she does to promote her coffee subscriptions, we decided to do a product shoot in one cafe in Mont Mirage, a cafe/hotel in Nanshan Mt. It's 40 minutes from the centre, up the mountain and into a small village. Apart from the usual local restaurants and residential communities,  the village is home to art galleries, cafes, and hotels, probably because the mountainside has a really nice view of the valley. 

The cafe is done in the white/wood/minimalist style that is popular now (and I hope it never goes away) which means that you can easily fall into a relaxed, calm vibe the moment you sink into your chair. People go there to have coffee and take pictures. 

The privacy is like no other, which is probably something that  city dwellers looking for natural peace and quiet look for from time to time. 

A few shots from that afternoon, including some of You&Coffee's offerings, which were featured on Chengdu-Expat! Read the article here. 

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