Travel {Back to Gewai on the Rooftop}

“Out of calmness comes clarity.” 
― Trevor Carss

Being back in this place makes me want to dress in linen and start composting by one of the big wooden tables. There's something about the place that gives anyone who comes here the feeling of being in some forest cabin, if not for the low hum of discrete conversations and clinking of coffee cups against stoneware. 

And the browns and whites give off a calm, peaceful, organic vibe. Despite being so high up (the cafe is located at the top floor of a 5-floor building), it's surprisingly easy to feel so close to the earth, because the entire cafe is surrounded by trees, cacti gardens and a wrap-around al fresco area with a great view of the horizon. Unlike the conventional cafes 'below', Gewai is a great place to just sit and feel closer to nature, even though you are on the rooftop of a concrete building. 

I ordered the sea salt caramel coffee, and R, who was seeing the place for the first time, had the spicy beef wraps. He was also smitten by the place, even more so because the place is just a few blocks from where he lives.

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