Couples {Fitz + Rudy}

“Time is too swift for those who fear, 
too long for those who wait,
too short for those who finally find peace,
but for those who love, time is eternal. 
For nothing is ever lost 
that God wants you to find.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

I am eating the frog first! 

Chalk it up to reading productivity blog posts when I wake up in the morning, but thank the 
good heavens, finally got around to clicking the 'POST' button on this shoot that we did for a good friend of mine and her then-boyfriend when January rolled in. Rudy and I have known each other since high school. She's the cool but sadistic aunt, as what our friends with kids will gladly attest. She bites, pinches and basically likes to torture kids and adults alike. But we love her just the same. So it wasn't a surprise when we were all in 100% behind her (after a few hours of grilling and putting Rudy in the hot seat), ready to pitch in,  when she decided to get married.

Fitz turned out to be a great guy, all smiles and just raring to spend the rest of his life with her. Isn't that just the sweetest thing? Girls, women, anyone, really, should want that, finding that someone who is just raring, bursting at the seams,can't-contain-himself and just eager, dying, even (!!!) to spend the rest of his life with the girl of his dreams. And we should feel the same (after a lot of praying, consultations with trusted friends and mentors,and just plain ol' instinct). Because when the rough patches come into view (and they will!) sometimes all it takes is a look back at the moment of choosing, and you remember why you chose that person in the first place.

Ok, got a little bit serious there for a moment. Loved shooting this set since we did this in one of my favorite places here in town. A few shots from that day.


couples, couples, couples, couples, couples

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  1. aww. so wonderful selle. Rudy and Fitz did well sa posing! and great job with the photos. I got a full frame na. excited to use it more!

  2. hala hala hala! that's great news Kat!excited for you! i'm guilty for not using my 6d more haha but when I do, I'm more satisfied with the outcome. Wheee! when are you coming home by the way?

  3. Yes! I will be home by the 16th this month. If you're still here let's plan a shoot?


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