Family {Sharmil Turns 1!}

Birthday parties, especially kiddie parties, have gone up in style. No longer are we treated to the usual spaghetti and cake affairs with the customary clowns and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey games. Now, birthdays are done all out, from whole sets showcasing candy jars, gorgeous backdrops done in pastels and pinks (if you have a girl celebrant) and colorful balloons, lanterns and everything else a girl needs to have a memorable birthday. And who am I to complain? I swim in pretty when I'm surrounded by awesomely-styled birthday parties and sometimes it's hard not to put the camera down and just keep on taking pictures. Sharmil's first was styled by Engrande Events, so you got pretty pink balloons, a colorful pink and blue cupcake pinata, a lace backdrop for the candy shoppe where you can find chocolates and candies galore, and SHARMIL in lifesized, pastel letters. That's just for starters! Mind you, it takes about half a day to get everything ready for a small party so I was really impressed with how the team managed to transform the family's front yard into a wonderland fit for a little princess. Here are the highlights:  (for more photos head out to the Engrande Events website!) 
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