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By joselle - May 07, 2021

 “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

― Virginia Woolf 


Brunch places are popping  up left and right in the leafy neighborhoods of CQ. And I think I prefer them over the cafes because they serve serious food: Western-style breakfasts of French toasts, sausages or bacon and scrambled eggs, or hearty burgers paired with fries and shakes. You didnˋt have this kind of food this accessible a few years ago, when it was a choice between IKEA or Pizza Hut if you wanted anything that resembled Western food. 

Sadly, I didnˋt get a photo of the burger the husband ordered but the coffee was good and Iˋm looking forward to trying out their menu on the second visit. The interiors are definitely Western too, which is a surprise since our local friend told us that this is actually a part of a Taiwanese food chain. So go figure. And the husband likes it so much that he asked me to take a photo of him like he owns the place. ☺

But regardless of origins, the food looks decent and the area is one that is really conducive for walking after a good dinner, so this place is definitely on my list of Go-Tos when we have the time. 

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